Are you a health freak or the person that somewhat aspires to be one? Well, if you’ve been through the journey of weight loss, you probably had to give up all of those delicious alcohol drinks, right? And, what a sad departure that must have been.

Although drinking a lot of alcohol is not as enjoyable to some as it is for others, we totally get that every once in a while, whether it be on a Friday night, at a party or wedding, or simply enjoying a glass of wine with your dinner, alcohol can still be enjoyed if done in the right way. In fact, some alcoholic drinks might even be good for you and add to your health.

Ever since 2010, there has been the biggest craze in health, fitness and wellness. Over the last couple of years, this has even caused businesses to sky-rocket because of it. Bottom line, being healthy is hotter than ever before and to some, counting calories means not drinking any calories.

Although drinking your calories could be detrimental to your diet, we’ve got you covered with some of the lightest, and healthiest, alcoholic drinks in the world.

Alcoholic drinks you’re allowed to drink on your healthy journey

Whiskey & Gin

Whiskey has always been considered as a healthier option when it comes to alcoholic spirits and when mixed with gin… We’re happy to tell you that it’s good. Sorry Vodka… but Whiskey at least has a touch of flavour. Referred to as Bourbon, with an average of 100 calories per 1.5 ounces, it’s much more satisfying and will help keep your diet on track too. Although this mix doesn’t include nearly any nutrition, you should drink in moderation and definitely not make a daily habit out of it as it could potentially kill you. Also, be sure not to mix it with sugary drinks. Either you drink it on the rocks or a shot of Gin. Your waist will thank you too.

Vodka Soda

So, carbonated water with a kick? Well, yes…But, if that’s not your idea of fun, then why not add some lime, lemon or fruit to it? Sounds crazy but its pretty good. This drink is good if you’re focused on your weight and is considered one of the lowest calorie drinks at the bar. With Vodka having an average of 96 calories per serving, soda water has no calories at all. There are no nutritional benefits in this drink, just a possible headache if you drink one too many.



We’re all familiar with the many heart-healthy benefits of red wine. In fact, some say that much like apples, a glass a day will keep your doctor away.

With moderate levels of iron, 9.4% of potassium, 5% of magnesium, it is also filled with an abundance of antioxidants which include both flavonoids and non-flavonoids. It also reduces the risk of blood clots and lowers LDL cholesterol. You can enjoy a glass at as little as 120 calories minus the guilt.


With ingredients such as red wine, orange zest, lime, orange juice, lemon, various berries and a hint of sugar, this is a higher calorie drink, yet one won’t kill your diet at all. It contains more sugar derived from fruit than anything else and includes fairly large amounts of Vitamins, helps protect your body from infections and also, is rich in many antioxidants that will fight disease and give you that perfect glowing skin.