Do Diabetics deserve health insurance? The very sentence sounds absurd. Who are we to judge another person’s life choices and patterns? Recently a few months back we got news from the white house that President Donald Trump’s Budget Director Mick Mulvaney has said that people who type 2 diabetes do not deserve health insurance since they gave themselves the disease. Probably, Mick Mulvaney, the budget director knows very little about the causes of diabetes. Donald trump is a very respectable president, but such a view from his budget director is not advisable from him.

If he considers that diabetes is caused only by eating patterns, then he is hard-nosed. In that case, almost every disease we have these days are caused mostly because of our living habits. The world was created correctly without any sin, but as humankind brought upon sickness and pain among ourselves through our life pattern. It is like saying people with AIDS do not deserve health insurance because he made a wrong decision or cancer patients do not get health insurance as they have troubled a part of their body for a long time.

No one should get blamed for the difficulties they face. It is very inhumane to say something like people with diabetes do not deserve health insurance.

 Health Insurance

The following are the reasons why diabetic patients need health insurance.

  • Hereditary Causes and understanding Diabetes.
  • Health Insurance policies.
  • If wellness of people is concerned, the food distribution pattern needs alteration.

Hereditary Causes and understanding Diabetes:

The body fails to produce insulin to balance out the glucose produced when the food gets consumed. It is often known as diabetes Mellitus which is a metabolic disease where the glucose level in the blood gets increased. The increase in the glucose level in the blood is mostly due to the inadequate production of insulin to balance out the glucose produced. Diabetes can occur in anyone; our food habits are one of the leading causes of diabetes.

Diabetes is also a hereditary disease. Even if you try to follow a strict diet and not eat high calorie containing food and exercise on a regular basis, there are chances for you to get diabetes if you have a family history of relatives who have had diabetes. So as a budget advisor Mick cannot say that people bring about diabetes on themselves.

Health Insurance:

Health insurance is defined as the coverage that is provided to cover the cost of medical care. Diabetes is a disease which affects your health and costs money for you to get medical care. So as per the definition of a health insurance diabetics need health insurance, and there is no question in it.

If wellness of people is concerned, the food distribution pattern needs alteration:

If you do not want to waste money on giving health insurance to people, then you can first spend money on education what to eat and what not to eat. Provide the entire country with high-calorie food and demanding for cancellation of health insurance is very dense.