One of the most common diseases people are facing in today’s world is diabetes. In our busy schedule, we try to grab a casual meal and fill our stomach and do not think of our health. We tend to consume high-calorie food and never care about our health or diet plans. Eating unhealthy can increase your risks not only to diabetes but also to heart attacks, obesity, and other diseases.

Diabetes is one of the most shared and deadly diseases in the world. About 29 million Americans are affected by diabetes. Diabetes is one of the primary cause of heart strokes, amputation, kidney failure, and blindness. Diabetes is one disease which kills about one American in every three minutes every day.

The body fails to produce insulin to balance out the glucose produced when the food gets consumed. It is often known as diabetes Mellitus which is a metabolic disease where the glucose level in the blood gets increased. The increase in the glucose level in the blood is mostly due to the inadequate production of insulin to balance out the glucose produced. Diabetes can occur in anyone; our food habits are one of the leading causes of diabetes.

Diet for Diabetes

There are three types of diabetes:

  • Type 1 Diabetes: Type 1 diabetes often occurs in children or people below the age group of 40. Type one diabetes usually is known as juvenile diabetes or early-onset diabetes. If an individual is affected with type 1 diabetes, then he/she must take insulin injections all their life.
  • Type 2 Diabetes: Type 2 diabetes in common among people who are more than 40 years of age. The type 2 diabetes is caused due to the inability of our body to produce insulin.
  • Gestational Diabetes: Gestational diabetes affects pregnant ladies who happen to have high glucose level in their blood. Most gestational diabetes cases cured with exercise and diet control.

The following are some of the meal plans you can follow to prevent diabetes or have it controlled:

  • Reducing carbohydrate in our food to prevent diabetes.
  • To have a balanced diet, you must eat a variety of food items.
  • Limiting or avoiding alcohol and sweets.

Lowering your carbohydrate intake to prevent diabetes:

Carbohydrates are the energy sources to our body. The carbohydrate which we eat gets converted into glucose, and this glucose is used by the cells to produce energy. The excess carbohydrates also get converted into glucose and are stored as fat in our body. The increase of carbohydrates in our body can enhance our blood glucose level, and if you have diabetes, then you must reduce the intake of carbohydrates as your body will not have the ability to produce insulin and all the excess glucose can get stored as fat.

To have a balanced diet you must eat a variety of food items:

Eating a variety of food can help you get all the nutrition’s your body needs. Consume large quantities of vegetables which are fresh and green. Starchy vegetables are also very good for health. You can eat fresh fruits which contain less sugar content. Try to replace all the white food in your diet with brown food. Wheat is a good substitute for rice.

Limiting or avoiding alcohol and sweets:

Avoid eating sweets or drinking alcohol as it increases your risks to various diseases.