Diabetes can be a pain in the pancreas when you think about it. You will have to know what you eat and keep track of things as well. So our primary advice to you is that cooking at home is always going to be better than going out and eating. Here are some tips to help you out.

  1. Eat whole

Start eating things that are made of whole wheat flour and bread, and if you’re someone who is looking for a great start to the morning replace your regular cereal with oats and barley. But any change would be difficult, so go slow but consciously keep switching things to whole wheat.

  1. Fibre Fibre Fibre!!!

Make sure to include at least 8 grams of fibre per meal; it helps fight heart disease for starters. And the fact that heart disease and diabetes go hand in hand is a good enough reason to start including fibre. But if you’re someone who still prefers a carbohydrate-rich meal then eating fibre makes a lot of sense, because fibre helps to control blood sugar levels and gives you a feeling of being full.

  1. Go for Good Fats

Most people will tell you to stay of fats, but there is something called “good fats” that can actually make all the difference. Monounsaturated fats such as nuts, olive oil, avocados and canola oil can be used to marinate your entrees and salads. Monounsaturated fats can actually help lower your blood sugar levels, but it’s always good to consume them in the right proportions since they also contain a lot of calories.


  1. A Lean Machine

There is so much craze for the lean diet, but it’s actually more beneficial for diabetes patients. Don’t go for food products that contain saturated fats, go for a lean cut of meats or low-fat dairy products. If you’re a vegetarian, then go for high protein products such as lentils, beans and nuts.

  1. What about that Drink?

Well, it is safe to say that you have to stay away from high calorie and sugary drinks, so your customary drinks such as Pepsi, coke, etc.; need to be thrown out. And also it is wise to stay away from alcohol as well; alcohol can be quite harmful to diabetic patients if consumed too much. But if you still want a drink to finish off your meal go for fizzy flavoured drinks that are not artificially sweetened. If that doesn’t appeal to you, then there is always non-calorie tea and coffee to finish off your meal in style.