Living with Diabetes can be a huge struggle; but it is a bigger struggle to find the right balance in diet. Here we have compiled a list of things you can include in your diet to maintain your health and to have yummy food.

  1. Fish

A number of diabetic people have become pescatarians after they were diagnosed with diabetes. Fish is high protein and also has components that aid in reducing the risk of heart diseases. Diabetic people are known to be prone to strokes, but a fish-heavy diet greatly decreases the occurrence of strokes. Since fish has a lot of protein content, it increases the metabolic rate and gives a sense of being full to the consumer.

  1. Leafy Greens

Leafy green like kale and spinach are low in carbohydrates and low in calories. During digestion, these low carb foods, greatly increase the blood sugar level and helps to maintain optimal functioning of the glands. Diabetic patients are known to have heart related diseases as well; the antioxidants in the food help keep the heart and the eye healthy. Leafy greens should be a must in the diet of any diabetic individual.


  1. Eggs

After fish, eggs are known to be rich in protein as well. Eggs also increase the metabolic rate of the individual and thus give him or her the sense of being full. Eggs are known to improve good cholesterol in the body and decrease inflammation markers. They also help in maintaining insulin ranges within the body, thus aiding patients with diabetes 2. Besides these benefits, eggs are also rich in antioxidants that help to maintain eye health.

We can go on to list a number of other foods, but the fact of the matter is that you will have to greatly improve your diet regardless. Diabetic patients shouldn’t focus on what to be consumed, they should be focusing on what needs to be stopped. There is no point having leafy greens for lunch and then going to KFC and having an unhealthy amount of chicken wings. Plan your weeks in such a way that you can allow yourself to cheat on one day, but stay off the calorie filled drinks on any occasion. They set you back a lot and the progress you made for months can easily be undermined.

Try to set up a plan with your doctor to ensure that you are getting all the necessary minerals and you are able to maintain a good balanced diet. Involve a loved one into the whole process to keep a check on your eating habits. Improve your diet and cheat small; over time try to reduce the amount of times you cheat in a month. Slowly but surely, progress can be made.